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What Makes a Great Leader?

Have you recently been promoted or climbed up the corporate ladder? Have you been appointed as a project head and have to manage your own team? Do you have difficulties in managing your time? A great leader is one who is able to overcome any such challenges and give an impressive performance.

You may be wondering what are the characteristics of a great leader and how they excel in their respective field.

1) A Great Leader is Always Cognizant

A great leader is always aware of the challenges and problems faced by his employees. He guides them on the right path and helps them to overcome the difficulties. Moreover, a good leader never waits for his employee to come up with problems rather he understands it beforehand and helps his employee along to overcome it.

2) A Great Leader Shares his Knowledge

A great leader does not fear sharing his knowledge and expertise with his employees. He imparts his skills and displays his mastery in a respective field which ultimately makes his employees competent and more productive. Disciplining and making his fellow employees capable and adroit is one of the characteristics of a great leader.

3) A Great Leader Knows how to Work in Teams

A great leader knows the importance of a team for a project’s success. He analyses the strengths and weaknesses of every employee and assigns them work on its basis. He constantly motivates the team and encourages them to work as a unit rather than separate entities. Moreover, a great leader credits his employees at times of success and covers them at times of failure.

4) A Great Leader Abdicates Ego and Fear

One of the most important characteristics of a great leader is that he is not at all egoistic be it his proficiency or the grip that he holds over his domain. Instead of reserving his expertise to himself, he shares it with his fellow employees. The greatest trait of a leader is that he creates more leaders and does not fear being removed from the authority that he holds. A great leader is also humble and exercises the powers conferred to sincerely.

5) A Great Leader Looks at the Whole Picture

Can an employee working in the marketing department understand the work of the employee working in the sales department? A leader is a person who has to deal with people across all departments be it marketing, sales, cost, accounts, finance or human resource. And, not only that, he is able to understand the micro and macro aspects of running a business. One of the most important characteristics of a great leader is that he has to constantly monitor every wing so that not only a single department but the whole company can grow.

The qualities in this article are the characteristics of a great leader. Whether you are a business owner or a newly promoted manager, you need to know how to lead a team. We at Business Mastery not only help new managers to learn leadership skills but also assist business owners to realize their dream of growing a successful business.

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