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When does Turning Down Work Benefit your Business?

The motive of every business is to impress customers through quality service and earn more profits. However, in their quest for high profits and the fear of losing customers, business owners end up taking more work than they can deliver. This will result in inefficiency, poor service quality, and added stress. In reality, the perception of ‘turning down work equals a failed business’ is a misconception. While additional work is fine at times, it is vital to turn down work in certain situations. Surprisingly, turning down work has several benefits. It allows you to enhance productivity, provide quality service, and boost business reputation. We give you few signs when turning down work is beneficial.

Getting Paid Less than Your Worth

Reducing prices to impress customers is not always a great idea. While it may benefit sometimes, this continues every time and chances are that even referrals will demand a similar price. Ultimately, you will get paid less money than deserved. A business rule of thumb is to set a price range and stick to it no matter what. Customers willingly pay for quality services. Hence, focus on providing good service and work with only those who are willing to pay for your worth.

When your Plate is Already Full

New offers are exciting because more work equals more profits. But, many business owners take up extra work in spite of already having enough work to be executed. Sure, there is profit but the added stress also results in inefficiency. Hence, at such times your best option is to turn down any additional offers.

Last Minute and Urgent Jobs

Urgent repairs and last minute inquiries are common in the trades business. While most of this work, especially repairs,  demands to be done immediately, you must refrain from new installation projects that are expected to be done sooner than the required time. Accepting such work will result in unnecessary stress. You must be honest to your customers about the time frame and turn them down if they are unwilling to budge.

Offers outside your Expertise

Trades businesses often provide a range of different services, which creates a ‘jack of all trades’ impression on their customers. However, every business has its own expertise within each field. If your clients expect you to deliver something outside your expertise, it is best to politely turn down the offer. Saying a yes may result in mediocre service and reputation. Respect your expertise and stick to what you do the best.

Your Gut Feeling Tells you a No

Everyone encounters clients who give them a hard time. In spite of getting a bad vibe, business owners agree to such client only to appear polite. Eventually, you end up chasing them around for payments, get paid less and face stress. Hence, trust your gut feeling and turn down any clients who seem unpleasant to work with.

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted to steer away from stress, do what you love and grow and profit from it. Hence, respect your expertise and turn down any work that leads to unpleasant and stressful experiences for you and your business. Consulting a business advisor can give you additional insight into better work management.

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