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The Missing Piece

Why trying to hit $1M in sales is the fastest path to bankrupting your business.
Learn what to do instead.

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Essential knowledge for every Business Owner


What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:

Secret #1

The #1 mistake 90% of business owners make that keep them broke, struggling and stressed out. (Get the exact formula you need to prevent this from happening to you)

Secret #2

The Exact Process To Quickly Become A Hiring Rock Star??.  Learn how to quickly and easily find an "A" player whenever you need a new staff member(Take the stress out of hiring and learn how to get you candidates to filter themselves for you!

Secret #3

The System Highly Productive Owners Use To Get More Done & Double Their Time Off. This is the exact system we use and our clients use to quickly free up their time while making more money in the process.

Secret #4

The Four Types Of Spa Owners And The Only One You Need To Be. (If you are feeling tired and overwhelmed, working hard, but no getting any further ahead, then this is for you).


Dennis Taekema's "P3 Acceleration Method"  for growing highly profitable Businesses is legendary.  

As the Co-Founder of Forzani Business Solutions, Dennis has worked with hundreds of business owners across Canada maximize profit and free up their time.

Business Mastery was born. All of the programs are built around helping business owners profit quickly, build process to protect that profit and finding the best people to follow those processes.


Diva Lady Day Soa

I saw positive changes right away. I feel that I am more effective with my hiring, staffing, and business issues. My stress level with my business is getting less as I put more standards and practices in place that Dennis teaches me. I am more in control of my business, and I am becoming an effective and profitable company.

Monique Collins Owner