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How can you Motivate your Employees?

You might be a passionate entrepreneur wanting to make it big in the next 5 years. But all your aspirations can get hampered if your employees fail to consistently do their best. Demotivated employees can never be good assets to the organization. As said by the bestselling author Stan Phelps, ‘Happy Employees create Happy customers’. Thus employee motivation is an important aspect to be looked into if you intend to achieve your organizational goals. As the boss of your organization, it is your responsibility to keep your employees happy and motivated to perform well.

To begin with here are a few tips and techniques that you could follow to keep your employees motivated.

  • Be an Example:

It is said, “Examples are better than precepts”. This is quite true! You cannot reach your office late while expecting your employees to be on time. You have to set a good example in front of your employees. Only then will they respect the rules and regulations of the organization.

  • Create a Positive Atmosphere:

Nobody likes to work in a dull environment. To maintain employee motivation, it is imperative that you create a good atmosphere for them to work in. This can include taking time out to say ‘Hi’ to your employees. It is important to have a good bonding with your employees, to help them develop a sense of belonging. Organizing fun games during lunch and breaks is also an effective way to ensure this.

  • Pay Attention to your Employees:

While allotting work, ensure that you instruct everyone in the team well. Don’t just casually send across an email and expect them to do everything on their own. Be there for them and explain their assignments to them well. Also see to it that they are given immediate feedback on their work so that they know where they stand.

  • Treat your Employees Like Assets and with Respect:

Yes, you pay your employees but that does not give you the right to mistreat them. Treat your employees well and with respect and they will be highly committed to their work. A lot of times it’s not about monetary rewards but about emotional reinforcements.

  • Give your Employees Weekly Goals:

Having challenging weekly goals is a key to good employee motivation. This way your employees will be highly focused and on their toes. This will help employees push their limit and work their best which is exactly what you’re looking for.

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