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Does your Franchise Plan Have an Exit Plan?

Do you own a franchise? Is it becoming difficult for you to manage multiple franchises? Well, in such a case, owning multiple franchises may not be suitable for you. You may want to switch your career or just travel the world. In such a situation, you may decide to sell your franchise and thus you need an exit plan. In a franchise model, having an exit plan is beneficial in a number of ways.

High Returns

The basic role of an exit plan for your franchise is to obtain high returns when you sell your franchise. In a franchising model, there is a stable revenue structure. The franchisees are concerned with their own growth. As a result, they put in the maximum effort to grow and succeed in their own retail outlet. Now, the more the franchisees grow, the more royalty is earned by the franchisor. It creates a predictable source of income for the franchisor. This is not possible in the case of other business models. Due to this characteristic of a franchise model, the franchise companies are usually valued several times higher than the average valuation of business. Thus, you can earn high returns when you sell your franchise model.

Unable to Handle

As mentioned above, you may not find enough time to manage multiple franchises. This is when the role of an exit plan for your franchise comes in handy. You may decide to take a break or retire from the business. In such a circumstance, you may decide to exit from the franchise. If you do not wish to sell it to an outsider, you can pass it on to your family members. This way you are free from handling your franchise and at the same time your franchise legacy is passed on to your family members.

Take Correct Decision

The importance of having an exit plan for your franchise helps you take a correct decision for your franchise. Suppose you have decided that at a specific point in time, you will exit from your franchise business. When the time of the exit is near and there is a change in the process or the system which requires huge investment, you would rather not invest in that particular process or system. Thus, you do spend on something that is not going to benefit you. Accordingly, if the exit time is near, you would refrain from expanding and incurring cost relating to marketing your franchise. Thus, you are able to take better decisions and exit the franchise with valuable earnings.

Therefore, the importance of having an exit plan for your franchise is beneficial for you in the long-run. You would not wish to sell off your franchise just when you’ve started it some time ago but developing an exit plan helps you to plan for franchise accordingly. For more information on developing an exit strategy for your franchise, contact a professional franchising expert.

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