Greg Forzani Co-Founder

Forzani Business Solutions


To anyone reading this post…I’m here to tell you, I would recommend Dennis as someone who will bring you results.I’m not just saying this. Dennis is fantastic and truly understands it's about ensuring his clients achieve their results. He’s a rare talent that understands what you need to implement to build a predictably profitable business that succeeds without you While… Equally understanding its all about the numbers. How to read them so you can make the most impactful decisions. Just test him out, even for a session. You’ll be happy you did…Trust me!

Caleb West Owner

Prestige INC


I connected with Dennis based on a post a year or so ago that lead to me creeping his profile and seeing where and if our core values aligned.

I've met him several times, had him speak at an event and I've never been let down.

He is blunt and calls a spade a spade which is what business owners like me need to hear.

If you're a growing business and looking for someone who has value and insight that will challenge the things you know and the way you think, then check him out.

Shannon Turkington Owner

ACT Home Services


I was looking for a business coach for a long time. I wanted one that was local, not a world away. One that only coached small businesses, not individuals or big companies. I understood the value of systems but needed a systems expert to ensure I had the basics first. I wanted regular deep content applicable to small business. It's a specialized niche, so he was hard to find. I like to think I knew how to streamline my business but with Dennis s help, it actually got done.

Sales are up 50% this year but even better, margins on those sales are up significantly.

Rob Macgregor Partner

MacGregor and Sons Tilt Deck


Dennis has been an amazing help for me personally and most of all for our business. He has taught us to organize and pay attention to what matters most for our business.

I’ve become a better leader with more insight into how my business functions and he’s taught me to set goals, but most importantly he’s given me the knowledge and tools to achieve them.

I believe that all of you would be amazed at his ability to lead you away from the processes, or lack of process, that causes all of us to become stuck. Your business can give you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. He can show you the door to success if you’re ready to walk through it. Talk to him. You’ll be happy you did

Peter Huber Owner

PAG Automotive


Before I hired Dennis, I was stressed and losing money. I realized I needed to fix the loose ends in my business but didn’t know where to start.
Dennis was referred to me from a friend that was seeing really good results from working with Dennis, and I needed to see those same results in my business.

As a Result of working with Dennis, my stress levels have dropped off to very manageable levels. This also has helped my personal life to get better with my family. The business is changing to a solid structure to be stable and consistent and profitable.
Dennis has been very good for me and my business. If you choose to connect with Dennis, he will provide the tools that fit for your abilities and business. These tools will enable you to take the business where you want and how fast you want it to get there. I am very happy to continuing to work with him

Nicole Werbicki Owner

Toadstool Music


The past few years running my business I found I was working an insane amount of hours each week, but seeing no progress towards my goals and it seemed no matter how much time I gave to the business, there wasn’t enough money coming in to support my family. There were many tasks that were not getting done, some of them very important, causing a lot of stress on myself and our family.
After working with Dennis, I have found I have lowered stress level due to building systems so that everything can get done. My work time is a lot more productive because I’m more focused on what needs to happen next. Setting up systems has stopped me from wasting time trying to remember how to do a task that maybe hasn’t been done for a while. I’ve also gained a better understanding of our finances. Instead of dodging the numbers because I found them overwhelming, I now have a better and truer understanding of where we are sitting as a business because of the tools Dennis has given me.
In the last year, we have hit our highest level of sales ever, and we expect to be able to reach even higher sales records in early 2014. A big part of this is do to a solid marketing and sales process Dennis has worked with me to build.
Dennis has helped me look at my business from an outside perspective. Instead of getting depressed about how things feel at the moment, He helps me see the big picture and our coaching sessions are always filled with encouragement and great ideas. I love how Dennis can come up with many more ideas for problems I’m facing than I can think of on my own. It is because of Dennis that I’ve been able to lower my stress and have a clearer vision of where we are going in the future and have the tools I need to get there.

Nicola Barr General Manager

Renu-Elle Medical Spa


Although small business owners are exceedingly skilled and in love with the service they provide, the knowledge of how to manage their ideas and financials can elude even the most proficient entrepreneur.

Dennis has been invaluable in assisting us to find financial direction and make solid decisions to move Envision MD to the next level.

He has proved to be committed and trustworthy, not easy when dealing with a manager as skeptical as I!

Mike Bevan Owner

Myarc Electric


We started working with Dennis in 2014 to help us improve our profits, decrease our overhead and be more efficient for our clients.

Dennis has proven his expertise in all of those areas. Even with the slowdown in the economy, we are looking at a decent year all the way around from our staff to our clients.

We choose Dennis for his work history and personality, to begin with, and have not regretted that decision. If you are looking for all over improvements in your company – hiring Dennis would be a great first step.

Kelvin and Tracy Leite Owners

County Line Trailers


What really attracted us to Dennis is enthusiasm for our company’s success. He is a very knowledgeable and caring person. When he explained his process to us I saw it as an opportunity to have the organization that I knew our company needed.

Before working with Dennis, Kelvin was spending over 16 hours a day working in the shop and looking after customers personally and had been doing this for the past 8 years. We rarely had time for family, and as much as we love our customers, we were on the verge of calling it quits. We were not sure which direction to take to keep moving our business forward without sacrificing our lives together to do it.
We started working with Dennis in July of 2013. Working through his Business Development program, we improved our time management, hit record sales , and we did it with Kelvin working a normal schedule. He even has time to bring our son to school in the morning.

Because of working with Dennis we feel more confident in making decisions for our business and our family. Our family time has increased quite a bit, this summer we spent more time together than in the last few years combined. We are able to delegate easier to our employees, freeing up time for ourselves. We are looking at new business ventures

Dr. Melanie Marr Owner

Spruce Grove Accupuncture


Overwhelmed and Overworked

Before I hired Dennis to help me with my business, I was feeling very overwhelmed, overworked and felt like I was not making money for as many hours as I was putting in.
I decided to hire Dennis after he was referred to me by my friend who was also using him as her business coach. She swore by him and also by having a business coach to better understand her business. I met Dennis at one of her business promo nights as soon as I met Dennis I knew we would be a good match. He is very confident and does not push his services onto you, which I appreciate very much. I met with Dennis shortly after that night and decided to hire him because I really like what he showed me in our first meeting. He was very confident he could help me achieve my goals both business and personal.
Dennis has been awesome to work with. He has given me the tools I need to understand what is happening in my business and how to move forward. He has helped me regain my confidence and motivation I need to succeed. He has always made me feel comfortable in my abilities as a business owner, and he is very encouraging, which motivates me to keep going and be successful.