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How Can a Leader Maintain His Composure during a Difficult Time

“A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way – John C Maxwell”.

Leading a team is not easy. With the changing market demands and intense competition, leading a team in the right direction is a challenge. At times, a leader is bound to get frustrated and lose his cool. During such testing times, a leader has to be calm and composed and ensure his team is not demotivated. If you are facing a crisis situation in your organization, then here are a few steps for maintaining your composure during the difficult times.

1. Be a Good Listener

You should be open to suggestions and listen to your juniors and take their advice. When you listen to your juniors and implement their suggestions, it develops a good superior-subordinate relationship. Plus, listening to your subordinates can help you to come up with quick solutions to any problems. Also, your subordinates will be quick to implement any changes since their views are taken into consideration for solving the problems.

2. Be Courageous and Fearless

During times of uncertainty in your organization, you are under a lot of pressure but you cannot give up on anything. As a leader, you should be courageous and fearless in taking bold decisions. If you become vulnerable, then you make not think rationally and end up taking bad decisions which may lead to adverse effects on your company.

3. Maintain a Positive View

You should be able to keep your cool during tough situations. Also, do not allow negative comments about the situation bother you. It is difficult for a person to work under pressure but this is the litmus test for a good leader. It is easy to give into a negativity and stress, however,  staying calm and positive when you are in the eye of the storm – that’s the true challenge.

4. Take Control of the Situation

During a crisis, it is natural that people will panic. This should not happen to a leader. He should put together his team and motivate them to work towards the company’s goals. If you are determined and focused on organizational goals, you will be able to guide your employees. To take control of the situation you should have a plan of action which assigns specific responsibilities to your employees to resolve the crisis.

These are a few steps for maintaining your composure while your company is in difficult times. Following these tips will help you to maintain your composure during a difficult time, become a better leader, and help you propel your team in the right direction. For more tips on maintaining your composure, it is recommended to talk to professional consultants or someone who has gone through a similar phase.

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