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How Can A Startup Build Their Own Sales Team

When you’re starting a business, you may be the sales manager, marketing executive as well as the lone salesperson. But over time as your business expands, you’ll need additional people to look after the sales of your company. In other words, you need a sales team. A sales team isn’t just responsible for building your bottom line. They are also your front-line troops as they are the ones with maximum interaction with customers. Therefore, apart from hiring the right people, it’s important to train them effectively to interact with customers, understand consumer behavior, and eventually convince customers to purchase your product or service. Here’s a look at a few tips on how to build a sales team from scratch.

Hire the Right Salesperson

Hiring the right person to look after the sales of your company is the first step towards building a sales team from scratch. This can free up your time and energy for other important tasks. But, see to it that you don’t hire several sales people at once. Start with a small team of 2-4 people initially. It becomes easy to manage and monitor the performance of a few people.

Conduct Training

Once you have the right sales executives for your business, see to it that you train your members effectively to deal with different types of customers and perform better. Let them have a thorough knowledge of your business. Make your employees familiar with the company’s terms and conditions, policies, and processes. Also, introduce this freshly recruited bunch of members to the existing team of employees of your organization. Give them adequate training about the work they are supposed to. See to it that your training is impactful and dynamic for your new employees.

Measure Sales Productivity

The simplest measure of sales productivity is to calculate the revenue earned by each salesperson. Just divide the volume of sales by the number of salespeople in your team. This will allow you an average sales productivity figure and let you know how the average salesperson in your organization is doing. Moreover, you can find out how each individual salesperson is doing compared to the average sales productivity. Also, set benchmarks or standards for your sales team as a whole. Let them know what is expected from them and on what parameters their performance will be evaluated. Thus, your sales team will give their best to achieve their target.

Motivate your Sales Force

Want to improve your sales? Then keep your sales team happy. Motivate them to perform better by providing monetary as well as non-monetary benefits. Encourage them by providing the required assistance wherever necessary. Understand the difficulty that they are going through and help them to overcome the obstacles. Also, do not set high-standards but be realistic in setting your targets.

Ultimately, sales is about building relationships with your customers and for that you need employees who are able to deliver the best. If you want to grow and develop your business, then ensure you have a dedicated business development or sales team. For more information on how to build a sales team from scratch, contact a business consultant who will help you to build your sales team based on your business needs.

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