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    Renu-Elle Medical Spa

    Although small business owners are exceedingly skilled and in love with the service they provide, the knowledge of how to manage their ideas and financials can elude even the most proficient entrepreneur.

    Dennis has been invaluable in assisting us to find financial direction and make solid decisions to move Envision MD to the next level.

    He has proved to be committed and trustworthy, not easy when dealing with a manager as skeptical as I!

    Nicola Barr , General Manager

    The Business Mastery Program

    is the fastest way to an amazing life style.

    First we will get on the phone and go over...

    1) Where you are right now.

    2) How much you want to make from your Spa.

    3) Where you are stuck and what is missing.

    4) How do you move forward quickly to reach your goals.

    Shannon Turkington Owner

    ACT Home Services

    I was looking for a business coach for a long time. I wanted one that was local, not a world away. One that only coached small businesses, not individuals or big companies. I understood the value of systems but needed a systems expert to ensure I had the basics first. I wanted regular deep content applicable to small business. It's a specialized niche, so he was hard to find. I like to think I knew how to streamline my business but with Dennis s help, it actually got done.

    Sales are up 50% this year but even better, margins on those sales are up significantly.

    Want a Detailed Explanation Of The
    "P3 Acceleration Method"™?

    A Word of Warning

    This program is for Business Owners who want to continue making a difference in their lives and the lives of their clients / customers.

    What I mean is, it is for Owners who are and already doing 15k a month or more and want to Grow.

    If you are broke and hoping to “get rich quick” then this is not for you. 

    We are looking for people who have value to offer to the world and want to impact more people positively and proactively. We work with people who love helping others, and want to be game changers in the industry


    If you’re interested in applying for a brain storming session to see if your Business and goals are a fit for our program then click below for the details.