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We believe everyone starts a business for one of three reasons.  

  • Freedom of time,

  • Freedom of Money

  • the ability to follow a passion everyday.

We have found that building business towards a Franchisable position is one of the simplest and fastest ways of building a successful company.  It is hard work, but simple.

We will teach you how build:

A Brand: a Brand is first and foremost an experience for the customer, protect that experience, keep that customer.

Systems: We build the company with processes and easy to use tools that allows team to do the best job possible.

Profitability: It is profitable and has positive cash flow.

Routines: What has to happen on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Duplication:  No matter where you go and you find the Brand, you expect the same experience, the same quality and the same service.

Freedom:  Once your business is running, you can put someone else incharge, walk away from it for 30 days and it will still be running when you get back.


Coaching Clients

Families Affected Positively

What are you waiting for?

We work under a Results Policy*. Every month we are going to be looking at our progress together and using 3 Metrics to measure your growth and success.

  • More Free Time
  • Increased Profitability
  • Reduced stress

As we put systems in place you are going to have less on your plate.

We are going to get a clear understanding of the financial numbers in your business and build profit into everything we do.

Reduced stress from a clear understanding of the next steps you need to take and plug and play tools to help get you there.


We started working with Dennis in 2014 to help us improve our profits, decrease our overhead and be more efficient for our clients. Dennis has worked with us and has
Mike Bevan Owner - Myarc Electric
Dennis continues to be an amazing coach and mentor for our executive team at Rapid Boost. We are working with him to develop systems and processes within our organization, and have
Ali Salman Partner at Rapid Boost
I Was Skeptical Although small business owners are exceedingly skilled and in love with the service they provide, the knowledge of how to manage their ideas and financials can elude
Nicola Barr Office Manager at Renu-Elle MD Inc

In this program you will:

We firmly believe that when people get confused they stop, so all our programs are designed to take out the confusion to make sure you are always making progress towards your goals.

The results policy is strictly for the One-on-one Coaching program as it is a hands on program with myself and my clients. You will get results using the Workshop Programs and Start-up Academy programs but I will not be able to work with you to make sure you are using the tools and apply the discipline necessary to succeed.

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