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Is your Business giving you the level of SUCCESS you wanted when you first got started?

 Is it making you MONEY,

Giving you control of your TIME 

Allowing you to positively IMPACT as many people as possible?

If you answered No, to any of these, then:

The Fastest Way To Do This, Is the "P3 Acceleration Method".

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Dennis Taekema

I am a father of 3 awesome kids, and husband to the most incredibly beautiful woman.

Every day I start work with the goal to help as many business owners as I can not only survive the challenges of business but thrive.

We use enterprising, forward thinking and original solutions to over come the challenges of owning a business. Which allows us to offer not only a vast array of knowledge and experience from running my own businesses since 1996, but also from the experiences of my partners who built a 1.6 billion dollar business.

We have taken all this knowledge and turned it into the "P3 Acceleration Method" which is a complete business game changer. Not only does it give you a massive advantage in growing your business but it is the primary tool I use to make a huge difference in my life and the lives of the businesses I work with.

what others are saying.

Shannon Turkington Owner

ACT Home Services

I was looking for a business coach for a long time. I wanted one that was local, not a world away. One that only coached small businesses, not individuals or big companies. I understood the value of systems but needed a systems expert to ensure I had the basics first. I wanted regular deep content applicable to small business. It's a specialized niche, so he was hard to find. I like to think I knew how to streamline my business but with Dennis s help, it actually got done.

Sales are up 50% this year but even better, margins on those sales are up significantly.

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