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Hi, I’m Dennis, and I’m your “Advisor & Teacher" to Growing a trades Business

Almost every trades guy wants their shot at the dream of growing a business. 

But that dream gets blocked by too much competition (who do low-quality work), employees who don’t seem to care, or simply from not knowing how to make it all come together.

Which leads to a very real question of, “Do I just pack it in and go work for someone else or do I figure out a way to make this work"?

And it’s frustrating. 

Look, I have been there, and I will show you the same formula I used, and use with hundreds of trades guys, just like you, to turn that frustration into profit.

I will give you a clear path to increasing revenue and profits while creating more engaged employees, so you can spend more time with your family and enjoy your business again.

And honestly, it will be some of the hardest work you will ever do,  BUT it will be 100% worth it.

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What’s Working Right Now

The Shortest Way to Sell More

Before you can sell anything, It is important to understand what people look for when they buy.  I don’t mean product or service, I am referring to HOW people buy, and it really does come down to these 5 things…

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Everyone has ideas on what their trades business is.   Everything from a product or service or even a method of delivery. But when you take away everything else, your Business is nothing more than five things…  When you know how to turn these five keys and when you fully understand how to use what they control.  Then 7 Figures is just the beginning.
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Two things are the foundation of the customer experience.

Think about every time you have made a purchase.  I am willing to bet these two things that had to be there before you would give someone else your hard earned money, and it is because…

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